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Viper Motor Homes
Viper Motor Homes


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 Viper Motor Homes
My name is Graham Hampson, and I own and operate Viper Motor Homes from fully appointed workshops on the beautiful Gold Coast in south east Queensland.

I have been established on the Gold Coast for nearly 30 years. And I have seen many changes not only to the region, but also to development and design in the  RV industry.  Travellers now demand 'home from home' comforts, not just a means of transport.
I owned a large cabinet & joinery company initially, but more clients were asking for RV fit outs so that became my new direction.

Today, clients bring to me a bus or campervan new or used, with perhaps the seats still inside, we then set out a design for the vehicle that is within budget constraints.

I have a increasing number of clients that need areas of re-design. For example; a table blocks the walkway or the TV is in the wrong place or they want a total makeover.

Because some folks want to just get up and go with a RV or campervan, I also manufacture an off the shelf, drive away range of vehicles.

Our society is one of mobility. I see more people running businesses from their 'home away from home'. They have all their needs to hand, mobile phone, computer, satellite TV, internet, and the eternal friendships within the 'Vagabond Community'.

Some travel to different  markets across the country, taking their wares with them, setting up their stall in a new place each week or month. Most only work a couple of days a week and are on a permanent holiday.

Oh! for the open road with golden dawns and magic sunsets.

Warmest regards,



 Delica Camper


 Sprinter With Tv & Solar Panels


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 Nissan  Civilian Motorhome


 Contact Graham:

 Mob:     0417 643 706  

 Phone: 0755 005 931  

email:    vipermotorhomes@bigpond.com


 4/10 Ereton Drive,  Labrador / Arundel, 

 Gold Coast,  Queensland,  4214

07 5500 5931